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Software is Eating the World and Mobile Apps have the Biggest APPetite

Given the abundance of games and entertainment apps, mobile apps might seem simplistic toys, but when used appropriately, they can be one of the strongest tech-tools we have today to make a difference in people’s lives.   Humans and computers are getting closer and closer Humans have always relied on tools to help them live better and more efficient lives. And by using them, they became the dominant species on Earth. Computers, these bicycles for the mind, are one of the most important tools people have built so far, changing the world in so many ways. When looking at the…


Switching from a mobile website to a responsive one

Our old website was made in 4 days and it did a great job for us for almost a year, but the time has come to take the company to the next level. Following our repositioning and new visual identity, the next step was to translate the new brand into a red-hot, responsive website.   Reasons to change Our old website was not responsive. We had a separate mobile website that was basically a simplified variant of the desktop version, missing some content. We soon realized that this was not the best idea, because a lot of our website traffic came from…


Mobile Marketshare Trends

One of the most important decisions a mobile app development shop must make is the choice of platforms to create apps for. It affects everything from finding, hiring and training people to the type and amount of work you can take on and ultimately, if you’re able to survive in this ever changing mobile world. As this is our first entry about mobile platforms we’ll go back to the beginning of Halcyon Mobile and the platforms we’ve explored up until today. Short history of platforms Back in 2005, when we started out, J2ME (Java Micro Edition) was already the most…


Monokai Revisited Xcode Theme

Since our team’s unofficial motto is ‘work hard, play hard’, we always strive to make that work hard part more enjoyable by optimizing our workflows. One area we constantly enhance is productivity, more specifically writing code in a productive manner. Removing the environmental factors from the equation, writing good code productively usually depends on the programmer’s ability to focus on a specific task and achieving his/her goals. Most of the time this focus can be boosted by customizing the space where the programming magic happens. On iOS, all this happens in our beloved Xcode a good couple of hours every day….


Halcyon Mobile Ranked Among the Top Mobile App Developers Worldwide

Finding the right mobile application design and development partner can be quite a difficult task, due to the many aspects that need to be considered and matched between the partnering companies. From proven work quality to working style, culture and communication – these are all very important aspects to take into account for a successful collaboration. Independent research on IT services and rankings, however, can help greatly with this daunting task. One such analysis is done by SourcingLine, a Washington, DC-based independent research firm focused on finding the leading IT services companies globally. We are quite excited to be ranked among the…


The Founders of Halcyon Mobile featured in Forbes ‘30 under 30’

We love what we do here at Halcyon Mobile and this is what gives that little extra to our work, making it great instead of just “meeting the expectations”.  All this is due to our leaders… and it does get noticed. This year our ‘founding fathers’ were featured in Forbes ‘30 under 30’ (Romanian Edition, 2013), a list celebrating “the young disruptors, innovators and entrepreneurs” that want to change the world with the amazing stuff they make. We are very proud to have such an amazing leadership and we, as a team, intend to live up to their achievement. The “game-changers” : Levente…


The Official App of CFR 1907 Cluj – made by Halcyon Mobile

We at Halcyon Mobile are great football fans. More precisely, we cheer for the CFR 1907 Cluj team that won 3 Romanian League titles and is participating in the most prestigious European football competitions, such as the UEFA Europa League and the UEFA Champions League. We take pride in that and wanted to enhance our as well as other fans’ experience with the CFR 1907 team. We met with Tudor, the Marketing & Media Manager of the team at the end of last year and discussed the opportunity of working together on consolidating the club’s fan base. And of course,…


Halcyon Mobile 2.0

Seven years. This is the period of time, some say, in which the human body regenerates completely. According to science, this is not entirely true, as brain cells don’t multiply. However, we feel we’ve reached that phase of ‘rebirth’, and we are ready to redeem our next level. Short story of Halcyon Mobile Who are we and what makes us different? We are a team of 21 talented people from Transylvania, a place we like to call the “East-European Silicon Valley”. We combine Western detail-driven perfectionist design with the solid technical skills that Eastern Europe is known for. All this…


Hellooo Mobile People!

Welcome to our new blog. Thanks for dropping by. We are Halcyon Mobile and we eat, sleep and breathe mobile technology. Why a blog? Why now? Sharing means caring. Starting with 2005 we have been developing great mobile apps for iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Windows 8. Not to mention J2ME and Symbian, back in the good ol’ days. We have gathered quite some experience along the years and now it’s time to share it with the mobile world and become a more active member of  the mobile community. Our hope is that participating in the mobile conversation and sharing what…

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