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FWA interview with Szabi Szekely

Do great things and great things will happen to you. Do great mobile apps and mFWA will happen to you. We are particularly proud of the fact that both of our internal products won the mFWA award. On August 20th, our “second born”, the Tweet7 App, was also selected by this prestigious award program that is dedicated to recognizing amazing digital work. The FWA website, along with the award, also features interviews and articles with the creators of the winning products. So, here’s the interview with the mind behind our app, Szabi (who’s also one of our CEOs), conducted by FWA’s founder, Rob…


‘The Halcyon Way’ a.k.a. summer internship @Halcyon Mobile

‘Summer internship’…this always sounds like a party-breaker, like work interfering with the fun season… Since we, at Halcyon Mobile, go by the ‘work is play’ philosophy, we try to apply the same for our internships. Thus, this year we chose a project that would engage our interns on a personal level, and integrate well in their ‘fun time’: the making of an app for the city they live in, that not only their friends and family will use, but thousands of people coming to Cluj for the fantastic events that will be taking place here, in the European Youth Capital…