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Dollarbird updated for iOS 7 + an extra feature :)

The iOS 7 update of Dollarbird is finally available! Now it fits right in with the new look and feel of iOS 7 so you can enjoy it even more!

So, what’s new?

Compatibility with iOS 7

We made the calendar prettier and we solved the issue of dragging up the control center when you want to access your charts. Now you have to tap on the button (that’s also more visible now) at the bottom instead of sliding it up, and it will do exactly what you want it to: show you the money…overview :D.


Furthermore, the chosen category is more visible as we slimmed down the circle surrounding it and left a little space between that and the icon. We also polished the menu of the charts’ screen to leave more space for what interests you the most: the info about where you stand.


In addition, we have prepared an FAQ section on the website that, from now on, you can access also from the “Settings”. It has many nice screenshots along with the answers to help you in case you have any questions.

New feature!

We also added a new feature that many of you requested: the breakdown of expenses by category. Simply tap on the category in the “Expenses” chart that you’re interested in and see all your transactions for that month.


There’s still much more to come, so stay tuned!

We are very interested in what you think of these changes, so update the app and send us your feedback below or to feedback@dollarbirdapp.com!


Halcyon Mobile Team