Setting your bi-monthly salary to repeat

“I get my salary every two weeks or bi-monthly. How can I set it as a recurring transaction?”

We designed Dollarbird to be flexible enough to really allow people with different needs to manage their finances better. Thus, you can also set your salary to be recurrent when you get it more than once a month.

You have 2 options for this:

If you get your salary on fixed dates, twice a month.

If you receive your salary twice a month, let’s say on the 1st and on the 15th, you can set one recurring transaction for each of these days, both to repeat every once a month.


If you get your salary every two weeks, but not on fixed dates

In this case, after entering your salary, just set it as recurrent by selecting “2” and “weeks”.

 every 2 weeks

Don’t forget to confirm this transaction by swiping it to the left on the day you planned it for, so that it is taken into account in your balance.

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