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Tracking credit card payments & avoiding double entry

Managing your finances effectively means forming the habit of tracking your income and expenses continuously so that you know at all times what your financial situation is. If you are doing this already, you should be proud of yourself! We definitely are. Just to make sure your balance is accurate while doing this, let’s see how you can keep track of credit card payments without entering them twice, that is the first time when you use the credit card for a purchase and a second time when you pay the CC bill that includes that charge. To maintain the principles…


Setting your bi-monthly salary to repeat

“I get my salary every two weeks or bi-monthly. How can I set it as a recurring transaction?” We designed Dollarbird to be flexible enough to really allow people with different needs to manage their finances better. Thus, you can also set your salary to be recurrent when you get it more than once a month. You have 2 options for this: If you get your salary on fixed dates, twice a month. If you receive your salary twice a month, let’s say on the 1st and on the 15th, you can set one recurring transaction for each of these…