Making of dollabird video

The Making of… the Dollarbird video

Yes, there is a story here, that’s why we’ve decided to write a blog post about it. Because developers and sales people are not always what they seem…

We built Dollarbird with passion and care and really wanted to show it to people before it was ready to hit the App Store. A promo video was in order. We wanted to make something worth watching and provide our future users with a great ‘walk-through’ feel of the app. We also thought it was important that people experience not only the situation they could use the app in, but also see some of the important features and sleek user interface.

In light of that we needed an actress and a beautiful terrace where she could have a refreshing lemonade and relax after managing her finances with Dollarbird. So we looked around…in our office and found Hanna, who’s not only a terrific iOS dev, but also a very photogenic girl. Fortunately, she agreed to act in the video and that’s how we got ourselves a protagonist. Did we mention she also worked on Dollarbird? How much more connected than that can you be to your work? We had our sales person, Gyongyi, set her up for the video with some slight makeup and nails done, since we found out that she’s been doing this for a hobby. And she’s quite good at it, as well! Cool, another thing checked from our list. (Note: we are discovering some hidden talents in the company…)

Having the script done and the filming crew ready, it was time to say “Action!” (We would like to thank Ferdinand 5, this gorgeous terrace that hosted us for the filming, for their hospitality and wonderful lemonades! Do visit it when you’re in Cluj!)

That seemed easy! But as we said before, things are not always as they seem. We had to redo the shots of the screens with another crew. Unfortunately, the image quality was not as good as we hoped for, so beware of the moire effect when you’re filming a screen from very near! Fortunately, after another 6 hours of recording and editing done by the guys from Lazar – Stories in Motion, we ended up with a great looking HD-resolution video.

Yes, as somebody said, “assumption is the mother of all f*ck-ups”. We confirm that.

When we finally got the video assembled as we wanted it to be, it turned out that the song we first selected for it wasn’t available for purchase. This was obviously a minor detail that we were unaware of, since the website we wanted to purchase it from didn’t state this clearly. Again, beware people, not all tracks are for sale on! We contacted the artist in high hopes of somehow buying the track for a temporary use, our emails, however, went unanswered.

But all’s well that ends well. We were lucky enough to find another track that matched the rhythm of the video:  “Cheerful Lighthearted Pop-Rock” of Akashic Records.
At first hear, it wasn’t something that we were absolutely sure about, but after listening it a couple of times we got pretty used to it to the extent that we started liking it.

All in all we’re extremely pleased with how the Dollarbird official video turned out, so we really hope you like it too. It is now at its 7,925 view, so cheers for that!

Check out our pictures and press play below to see the video!