To the ones who are still looking for the right personal finance app

Many of us strive to keep our money under control. It slips between our fingers, month after month, on stuff we don’t really need, with not enough left for things we care about. At Halcyon Mobile we believe the right app can help us change this too.

And making a change, in any area of our life is about knowing where we stand, having a plan for improvement, and following through with our plan. We think it’s the same in personal finance too. While most of the expense tracker apps today help us understand our financial past – how we spend our money – they do little in helping us plan our future. And the few that do, aren’t really well designed and make it hard to follow through.

After having built hundreds of apps for our clients in the past few years, we decided to take this challenge personally. We set out to build our first internal product, that would become Dollarbird, our first shot at trying to fix personal finance apps. We dreamed about an app that would be easy to use, but powerful and flexible enough to allow people with different needs become better at managing their finances.

Driven by one of our guiding principles “make things as simple as possible, but not simpler” we started looking for the right base for our app.  A framework that is powerful, easy to understand and already familiar. One that has the right balance between structure and simplicity.

After a few days of intense searching, concentration and testing spent in our lab, it hit us: a calendar. The good old tool used by our ancestors for thousands of years that is still one of the most used mind-tools today.

So we took our top-secret app-building tools and spent days and nights modeling the classic calendar to fit perfectly into our mobile user’s lives. Then we tested and improved it. And then we did it again until each pixel was in its place and each tap did what it needed to do… And that’s how Halcyon Mobile’s first baby – Dollarbird – was born.

We feel it’s the best app today to track and plan your finances. If you can use a calendar, you’re ready to master your money. It’s that easy.

We built Dollarbird to be your trusted financial companion, a loyal friend, one of those tools that you can count on in the long term, as long as smartphones exist. Ultimately, we hope that Dollarbird will bring you financial peace of mind, and help you spend your money on the things that really matter in your life.

Get Dollarbird here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/dollarbird-personal-finance/id665003358