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Software is Eating the World and Mobile Apps have the Biggest APPetite

Given the abundance of games and entertainment apps, mobile apps might seem simplistic toys, but when used appropriately, they can be one of the strongest tech-tools we have today to make a difference in people’s lives.   Humans and computers are getting closer and closer Humans have always relied on tools to help them live better and more efficient lives. And by using them, they became the dominant species on Earth. Computers, these bicycles for the mind, are one of the most important tools people have built so far, changing the world in so many ways. When looking at the…


Switching from a mobile website to a responsive one

Our old website was made in 4 days and it did a great job for us for almost a year, but the time has come to take the company to the next level. Following our repositioning and new visual identity, the next step was to translate the new brand into a red-hot, responsive website.   Reasons to change Our old website was not responsive. We had a separate mobile website that was basically a simplified variant of the desktop version, missing some content. We soon realized that this was not the best idea, because a lot of our website traffic came from…