‘The WeekendPlanners’, i.e. our summer class of 2015

We have this crazy habit of making apps that we need, and can’t find in the form we want. Actually, this is how our own products see the light of day.   This year’s obsession is about making the most of our weekends. Yes, we are young and restless, and instead of just chillin’ nicely at the end of our week, we have to have that planned out too. And no, we are not suffering from the FOMO syndrome, we just want to be as rich as possible…in experiences. Cause that’s what makes life awesome, isn’t it? So, over the…


Halcyon Mobile Recognized as a Leading Mobile App Developer

Clutch, a Washington, DC-based research firm (formerly known as SourcingLine), has once again named Halcyon Mobile as a leading service provider in the mobile app development space. We are thrilled to receive this award, which highlights only the top tier firms in Europe! What’s more, we were also the top rated Romanian company. Clutch’s mobile apps research is highly competitive and involves an in-depth review of the companies involved. Analysts first identify firms that claim expertise in a given category and then gather evidence of proven experience, including relevant case studies, portfolio items, client lists, and indicators of market presence….


FWA interview with Szabi Szekely

Do great things and great things will happen to you. Do great mobile apps and mFWA will happen to you. We are particularly proud of the fact that both of our internal products won the mFWA award. On August 20th, our “second born”, the Tweet7 App, was also selected by this prestigious award program that is dedicated to recognizing amazing digital work. The FWA website, along with the award, also features interviews and articles with the creators of the winning products. So, here’s the interview with the mind behind our app, Szabi (who’s also one of our CEOs), conducted by FWA’s founder, Rob…


‘The Halcyon Way’ a.k.a. summer internship @Halcyon Mobile

‘Summer internship’…this always sounds like a party-breaker, like work interfering with the fun season… Since we, at Halcyon Mobile, go by the ‘work is play’ philosophy, we try to apply the same for our internships. Thus, this year we chose a project that would engage our interns on a personal level, and integrate well in their ‘fun time’: the making of an app for the city they live in, that not only their friends and family will use, but thousands of people coming to Cluj for the fantastic events that will be taking place here, in the European Youth Capital…

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Dollarbird updated for iOS 7 + an extra feature :)

The iOS 7 update of Dollarbird is finally available! Now it fits right in with the new look and feel of iOS 7 so you can enjoy it even more! So, what’s new? Compatibility with iOS 7 We made the calendar prettier and we solved the issue of dragging up the control center when you want to access your charts. Now you have to tap on the button (that’s also more visible now) at the bottom instead of sliding it up, and it will do exactly what you want it to: show you the money…overview :D. Furthermore, the chosen category…


Tracking credit card payments & avoiding double entry

Managing your finances effectively means forming the habit of tracking your income and expenses continuously so that you know at all times what your financial situation is. If you are doing this already, you should be proud of yourself! We definitely are. Just to make sure your balance is accurate while doing this, let’s see how you can keep track of credit card payments without entering them twice, that is the first time when you use the credit card for a purchase and a second time when you pay the CC bill that includes that charge. To maintain the principles…


Setting your bi-monthly salary to repeat

“I get my salary every two weeks or bi-monthly. How can I set it as a recurring transaction?” We designed Dollarbird to be flexible enough to really allow people with different needs to manage their finances better. Thus, you can also set your salary to be recurrent when you get it more than once a month. You have 2 options for this: If you get your salary on fixed dates, twice a month. If you receive your salary twice a month, let’s say on the 1st and on the 15th, you can set one recurring transaction for each of these…

Making of dollabird video

The Making of… the Dollarbird video

Yes, there is a story here, that’s why we’ve decided to write a blog post about it. Because developers and sales people are not always what they seem… We built Dollarbird with passion and care and really wanted to show it to people before it was ready to hit the App Store. A promo video was in order. We wanted to make something worth watching and provide our future users with a great ‘walk-through’ feel of the app. We also thought it was important that people experience not only the situation they could use the app in, but also see…


To the ones who are still looking for the right personal finance app

Many of us strive to keep our money under control. It slips between our fingers, month after month, on stuff we don’t really need, with not enough left for things we care about. At Halcyon Mobile we believe the right app can help us change this too. And making a change, in any area of our life is about knowing where we stand, having a plan for improvement, and following through with our plan. We think it’s the same in personal finance too. While most of the expense tracker apps today help us understand our financial past – how we…

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Halcyon Mobile – Winner of the Mobile Awards Romania in the Brand App Category

After being ranked among the Top Mobile App Developers Worldwide earlier this year, May brought us another accolade: we’ve won the Mobile Awards Romania in the Brand App Category with the official app that we have designed and developed for the CFR 1907 Cluj football team. Once again, working with passion rewarded us. Although the reason we are doing what we are doing is not for winning titles, it always feels great to get recognition for a job well done. We are not keeping a score, but so far 2013 is looking quite good. Stay tuned, there’s more to come! [Small hint: dollarbirdapp.com ←…

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